Pick up master: 5 secrets to help you fuck tonight

Talking to girls is terrifying. And I’m saying this as a straight girl. I can tell you first hand that cute girls are intimidating as hell to everyone, even to other girls. So how are you, a guy looking to sleep with a cute girl, supposed to sack up and talk to her? How are you even going to attempt to get her to go home with you, or let alone meet n fuck?

Well, I have some advice for you. As a girl, I have some first-hand experience when it comes to what tactics work.
So here’s 5 secrets to helping you get laid tonight!

1. Find a bar/club that isn’t too loud to talk

Sure, you might think going to one of those loud Vegas-esc mega clubs is a good idea. But let’s be honest, you’re not going to be doing a lot of talking there. You’re going to be doing a lot of dancing and drinking, but you probably won’t be fucking later.

Sure, you might be able to get a girl to dance up on you and kiss you, but what girl is going to go home with a guy who she hasn’t even talked to?
So, find a bar where you can actually hear yourself think, that’s where you should be picking up girls. They’ll be able to talk to you and feel you out! And their friends won’t freak out when they can’t find them because it’s not a nightmare to find someone in a bar like that.

2. Notes on: “Can I buy you a drink”

This is a classic line, especially when you’re at a drinking establishment. It can sound really canned and recycled so try to put your own spin on it when you do eventually ask to buy her a round.

But I recommend talking with her about literally anything else beforehand. That way she can get a feel for you and you can gauge how interested she is. The last thing you’ll want to happen is for her to get bored and run away with a free drink.

3. 3 points of contact

When you’re talking with someone, this is a great flirting technique. This will also make her understand that you’re interested in her and it’s a good way to gauge how she’s feeling.

Make 3 points of contact as you’re talking with her. No, not all at once, but spaced out over your conversation. Touch her hand, the small of her back when moving behind her, touch her hand.

If she touches you back, she’s feeling it. If not or if she shies away when touch her, then I’d find a different girl to talk to.
You can lean in for a kiss to really see where it’s going to go!

4. “Let’s get out of here.”

You’re going to have to use this line if you want to set things in motion. I recommend using this after talking with her for a while. If the conversation is lulling or if the bar is closing, that’s your window!

5. A word on rejection

A lot of times you can do everything right and still not get anywhere. It might be because she’s not interested or because she’s not in the mood for whatever reason.

Don’t get mad, I recommend leaving her your number if she wants to call you. This way maybe she’ll hit you up later or in a few days! That way you’ll get laid then!