Tasting Room

Welcome To Our Tasting Room

Our Tasting Room and Wine Bar are located at the top of the Church Street Market Place, Vermont’s largest pedestrian-only open-air shopping district. The Tasting Room is the perfect stop in Burlington for a wine tasting,  wine by the glass, and Vermont-made appetizers. Our rotating selection of Vermont-made cheese boards and chocolate pairings can make each visit unique and allows returning friends to enjoy our quality wines with many pairing options. 

Avilable Wines For Tastings And For Sale By The Bottle


Traminette: Slightly spicy, off-dry white wine that harkens back to its gewürztraminer roots; citrus blossom on the nose, tropical fruit on the palate that finishes with a brisk, very clean acidity.          

La crescent: Sweet white wine that has deep apricot and peach flavors with a crisp, balanced finish. This is a cold-hardy grape that thrives on our 11-acre estate. 


Cabernet Franc: Medium-bodied, highly aromatic red, with a plum cherry start, and tobacco finish with a distinctive, tangy “old world” feel. 

Marquette: Made from grapes grown in Vermont.  This Marquette is marked by notes of black cherries, spice, and a hint of leather. This is a cold-hardy grape that thrives on our 11-acre estate. 

St. Croix: A juicy fruit-driven red wine that is medium-bodied and zesty. Bright acidity complements the flavors of ripe cranberries, red currants, black raspberry & pepper. Some say St. Croix reminds them of the wines of Beaujolais.   

Ice Wine

Vidal ice wine: Canadian grapes picked at the coldest moment of a winter’s night. Each frozen grape produces just one drop of this magical nectar. Serve ice cold with dessert or as a dessert. Vidal ice was 36 Brix at harvest,  and 16% rs the following fermentation.